Ashes of the Firefighters

‘Ashes of the Firefighters’, is a book that documents the journey of nine people after experiencing a major bushfire event.  It is a raw account and you will go through the journey of trauma and recovery with each person telling their own story.

Those that haven’t been through it can see what others have been through, and if they have been through it, they will know they are not alone.

Vivien wrote this book in the hope that it would help future firefighters and their friends and families develop a better understanding of the recovery needed to survive and help them build resilience and understanding in the process.

    $25.00 AUD including postage

Ring of Fire

Dianne Thompson has produced a book of extraordinary images.  

Her photographs are more than a historical record. They are a reflection on how she saw the effects of the bushfires in 2003, and show the extent and intensity of the fires and the land's so far partial recovery.

In the weeks that followed after the fire took its main run, Dianne was able to visit some of the parks and reserves that had been consumed by the flames. The losses were frightening, but there were some signs of hope. Even in the worst of it there was a strange beauty she could not ignore.

These are her photos of that personal journey of healing and recovery.  


$15.00 AUD including postage     

Ashes of the Firefighters + The Ring of Fire


Order both books and pay $40 AUD including postage  

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